433MHz Jammers

433MHz Jammers

We supply this 433MHz Car Remote Control Jammer, can work on car remote control, TV remote control, garage remote control and others. Blocking range up to 50 - 100 meters.

Product Details

433MHz Wide Channel Car Remote Control Jammer Blocker(50 - 100 Meters Coverage) 

Features of the 433MHz Jammers

■It jams one frequency for unit

■Device can put out of action car remote controls and garage doors

■Jams any remote lock/unlock vehicles keys

■It can also be applied for knocking out of action TV and toy plane remotes

■Maximal power production is working out

■Blocking accuracy is in 4MHz range

■Great working distance

■Harmless for human body

Specifications of the 433MHz Jammers

Blocking Frequency:433MHz
Coverage Range:50-100 Meters
Power Up Source:1*9V 6F22 battery included
Battery Runtime:180 minutes if actived continuously
Output Power:3W
Temperature Data:-30C – 60 Celsius

Package Contents of the 433MHz Jammers

■1 x 433MHz Wide Channel Car Remote Control Jammer Blocker

■1 x 9V 6F22 Battery

433MHz Jammers Reviews:

1.Very good product,fast shipping and high quality

2.its a very nice jammer for the price and it works perfect i love it.

3. I have use this jammer for the church, and good,

4. the second time I bought from here, here is really a good place for me to purchase consumer electronics, I will back for more electronics, thanks.

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