Why use cell phone signal screen at gas stations, oil depots and other places

- Apr 20, 2016-

The phone signal is present almost everywhere, all the electrical equipment in its heavy siege. In the absence of such heavy use of mobile phones surrounded by signal interference with other electrical equipment is minimal, it is because, when not using a cell phone is no exchange of data between the handset and the base station, it is impossible to form mutant signal, around electrical equipment is a relatively stable electromagnetic field, which is a static electromagnetic field, this static electromagnetic interference for electrical equipment close to zero. And in the use of mobile phones will have a mobile phone and base station data exchange, will produce random mutations signal to the electrical device is formed around a dynamic electromagnetic field, this dynamic electromagnetic field signal, interference signal induces a mutation, easy cause dysfunction of electrical equipment. When the phone battery starts, when the ringer sounds, it can produce enough energy to lead to a slight spark sparks may cause a fire. Petroleum, chemical, security and other relevant departments have expressly prohibit the use of mobile phone stations, has introduced a long period of time, the situation can currently running less than ideal. Gas station equipment is controlled by computer, cell phone signals may affect the normal operation of equipment, will result in measurement are not allowed, more importantly, the phone call process will be sparks, can easily lead to a fire, an explosion caused by gas stations.

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