800W Portable High Power Full Frequency Wireless Signal Jammer

- Aug 25, 2016-

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:JM110890

  • Origin:China

Product Description

The application of wireless signal jammer is of great importance and necessity under many circumstances nowadays in a variety of areas and professions. Check out the details of the latest 800W high power full frequency wireless signal jammer as follows.

This is a high power efficient jamming device can be used to block unwanted signals in occasions such as VIP convoy protection, military rehearse, municipal hall, police check point, prison, disposal bombs, as well as vehicle mounted to block remote controlled explosive devices.

The jamming range of the high output power jamming is up to 200-300m with 20MHz-2500MHz full frequency band according standard requirements. With well designed cooling system, the device can work 24/7 continuously. It is constructed with shockproof and portable rugged case for ease of use and better durability. Each module of the signal jammer is controlled separately, which will improve the blocking efficiency in case of possible uncertain factor such as distance, obstacles in between and the like. Come with Omni-directional antennas, the device is capable of blocking wireless signals from 360 degree direction.

If you are looking for professional VIP convoy security signal jamming, this high power wireless jammer will be a good choice with efficiency and reliability.

At a Glance

  • Each module is controlled separately.

  • This jammer is covered with military rugged case, portable, shockproof

  • The frequency band could be added as customer's requirements

  • Perfect Alarm System, fully protected circuit in case of disconnection of antennas.

  • Better cooling system, could work 24/7 continuously.


  • VIP convoy protection

  • Military camp

  • Government building

  • Police Checkpoints

  • Bomb disposal and vehicle mounting for military complexes.

  • Filed Operation activity


  • Jamming Frequency: 20 MHz- 2500 MHz

  • 1. 20-80MHz                     100w
    2. 80-200MHz                   100w
    3. 200-500MHz                 100w
    4. 500-1000MHz                50w
    5. 1000-1500MHz              50w
    6. 1500-2000MHz              50w
    7. 2000-2500MHz              50w
    8. 2500-3000MHz              50w
    9. 870-880MHz                  50w
    10. 935-960MHz                50w
    11. 1805-1920MHz            50w
    12. 2010-2125MHz             50w
    13. 2110-2145MHz             50w

  • Total output power: Up to 800 watt

  • Jamming range: 200-300m, (Signal strength <= -75dbm)

  • Power supply: AC110-240V,

  • Two jammer cases.


  • Full Frequency Wireless Signal Jammer

  • Power Cable

  • Omnidirectional Antennas

  • Conntect Cable

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