All Frequency Signal Jammer

- Sep 08, 2016-

Basic Info
  • Type: Sensor

  • GSM Transmitting Frequency: 925-960MHz

  • 3G Transmitting Frequency: 2000-2200MHz

  • Scdma /Interphone Transmitting Frequency: 200-230MHz

  • Power Source: Car Input AC160V-240V Output DC5V

  • Jamming Range: 1-50 Meter(Can Be Adjusted Shielding Range Accordi

  • Application: Supermarket, Warehouse, Video Store and Bookstore, Garment Store, Jewelry Store, School, Shopping Arcade

  • Trademark: AN HU SHEN

  • Origin: China

  • CDMA Transmitting Frequency: 869-894MHz

  • Dcs Transmitting Frequency: 1805-1880MHz

  • Phs Transmitting Frequency: 1900-1990MHz

  • 2.4G Wireless WiFi: 2400-2485MHz

  • Weight: About 800g

  • System Design: RF

  • Detection Signal: Intelligence System

  • Specification: CE, ISO

JH808S Full frequency band signal Jammer is our factory adopts advanced foreign technology, in view of the development of communication system, according to the actual circumstance of foreign mobile communication carefully developed high-tech products, It can be in the radius of 1-50 meters about 10-250 square meters, Shielding range partition can be adjusted according to the required place GSM/CDMA/AMPS/DCS/PHS/TD-SCDMA / 3 g / 4 g phone signal and interphone, large well-informed, PHS, stealth wireless headset, information transmission electronic watch, ball pen writing system such as cheating in the wireless communication equipment, cell phone, telephone, stealth headset, intercom can't making and answering, and cannot send or receive messages, but it does not interfere with other electronic equipment, so as to guarantee the security of the required places, mobile phone left partition scope, can return to normal use, and without any damage to the human body.

Product Features

1. Can shield SCDMA/GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G/4G / big informed / PHS / WiFi / Stealth headphones / information transmission electron table / ballpoint transmission writing systems etc frequency band.
2. Can work 24 hours continuously.
3. Built-in antenna, double fan cooling design, unique in China.
4. Surface can be OEM or screen printing logo according to customer (Provides printing services free)
5. Transmit Power>10W
6. Effective Jamming range 1-30 meter Adjustable (debug before leaving factory)
7. With independent intellectual property rights (Has the appearance of patent and utility model patents)

Applications place

Theaters, prisons, examination room, hospitals, gas stations, coal and gas tank groups, government agencies, financial institutions, military establishments, churches, courts, libraries, and other places needs quiet, privacy and information security.

Installation Instructions

This product is available direct screw fixed to the wall or ceiling, the product surface temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius, so please stay away from low-heat-resistant objects.

Installation height: 1.0-2.0 meters best effect

Mounting direction: The power plug with AC220V power directly to the connection.

S/N technical standard technical parameters
1 CDMA Transmitting frequency 869-894MHz
2 GSM Transmitting frequency 925-960MHz
3  DCS Transmitting frequency 1805-1880MHz
4 3G Transmitting frequency 2000-2200MHZ
5 PHS Transmitting frequency 1900-1990MHZ
6 SCDMA /interphone Transmitting frequency 200-230MHZ
7 2.4G Wireless WIFI 2400-2485MHZ
8 Stealth wireless headset, information transmission, digital watches, ball-point pen transmission systems, rubber transmission etc 200-700MHZ
9 Dimension 300mmL×210mmW×50mmH
10 power source Car Input AC160V-240V output DC5V
11 Weight about 800g
12 Jamming range 1-50 meter(Can be adjusted shielding range according to the required place )
13 Effect of mobile phone type All mobile phone
  14 operating environment temperature -10 to –55 degrees Celsius
    relative humidity ≤90%(RH)
    atmospheric pressure 86-106kPa
    Place Indoor and outdoor are available
15 Total Transmitting frequency 10W±500mA

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