Electromagnetic Emission Leakage Protection Technology

- Apr 20, 2016-

TEMPEST information related to all areas of the device information electromagnetic leakage problems. It contains information about the device information electromagnetic leakage mechanism of basic research, but also includes a number of technical content and equipment development. For example, the emission of electromagnetic leakage suppression technology and protective measures, leak testing launch site.

TEMPEST equipment that meets low leakage devices TEMPEST requirements of the standard. According to recently know, the US TEMPEST standards by a safe distance classification. Ensure a safe distance outside of probability information is received low reconnaissance. US TEMPEST equipment one, two, three, the safety distances of R1, R2, R3 (R1 <H2 <R3). If the use of the environment can only be sure that the radius r (R1 <r <R2) security in the region, namely in the region to ensure that no eavesdropper equipment and personnel, should choose a TEMPEST equipment, so is safe. Obviously a protective device the best performance, followed by two, three worst. Of course, one did not prepare too expensive.

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