Free Shipping 8 Antennas Cell Phone & GPS Signal Jammer for Car Use

- May 26, 2016-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: HDT-950

  • Target Jamming Devices: Cell Phone, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Devices

  • Power Supply: 220V/110V AC

  • Antennas: External & Omni-Directional

  • Size: 36*5*10cm

  • Trademark: HDT Jammer

  • Origin: Shenzhen

  • Target Signal Range: From 800MHz to 2700MHz (2.4GHz WiFi)

  • Jamming Range: 4~20 Meters (Radius)

  • Cooling Systems: 4 Fans

  • Weight: 3.5kg

  • Transmission Power: 20 Watt

  • Specification: CE

Product Description

High Power Desktop Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Can be used in Cars. HDT-950


HDT-950 is a High Power Indoor Cell Phone signal jammer, implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology to prevent the leak of confidential information or unwanted usage of cell phones, Wi-Fi devices and GPS devices (optional).
HDT-950 has 8 sets of jamming signal generators inside, which can transmit highly effective jamming signals targeting all cell phone and Wi-Fi devices within the blocking range. Once you turn the jammer on, with the help of its high-gain omni-directional antennas, 950 can jam continuously and simultaneously, all the RF communication Frequencies 860MHz~2665MHz which are most commonly used by cell phones and Wi-Fi devices. Adopting the latest jamming technologies, HDT-950 jammer features ultra-high RF transmission power, making a stable shielding range around.

Once the system is activated, it transmits unique noise signal which creates "Firewall" between the transmitter and its receiver (cell phone and 2.4G Wi-Fi device).
Besides, HDT-950 can prevent the leak of confidential information leak via cell phones or unwanted GPS location leak.

Once the system is activated, it transmits unique noise signal which creates "Firewall" between the transmitter and its receiver (walkie-talkies, cell phone and Wi-Fi devices).


l  8 High Power jamming signal generators inside.
l  High Gains Omni-directional Antennas.
l  Can also choose directional Antennas.
l  Lightweight trolley-like design, easy to carry and move.
l  Can block six frequency bands continuously and simultaneously.
l  With internal battery, recharged by DC charger or car charger.
l  VSWR and temperature self-protection technology.
l  Separate switch for each band with LED Light.
l  Inside cooling fans.
l  Can work 24 hours * 7 days * 12 month.


l  To prevent unwanted usage of cell phone
l  To prevent the leak of confidential information
l  To prevent the leak of GPS location
l  To prevent the remote-control cell phone bomb
l  Bomb disposal and vehicle mounting for military complexes.
l  Filed Operation activity
l  Special Police Authorities
l  VIP convoy for security purpose
l  Riot control operation

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