How To Do A Computer Network Security And Confidentiality

- Apr 20, 2016-

And gradually built a computer running the LAN to establish its three networks, two networks, a network, the direction of future development of the procuratorial information work, the application of these networks so that computers at different locations have different units of information transfer channels and expand the scope of application of the computer, greatly improved work efficiency and reduce administrative costs. Each user terminal, each computer can take advantage of stored files, data, information sharing at the same time, between the host and the user, there are many loopholes in disclosure between users, even those unauthorized or illegal users theft molecules impostor, or other long-term exploratory way into the network system theft, as well as after the networking channel through which many lines, regional transport information is also wider, the interception of information sent on the more convenient conditions, eavesdropper in the network on any of a branch line or a node terminal interception, you can get the entire information delivery network. Further electromagnetic radiation leakage cable and network terminals, printers, or other electronic devices at work generated in the vicinity of these electromagnetic signals can be received or far off, after extraction treatment can restore the original information, causing the secret information leakage.

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