Indoor Desktop GSM CDMA Phone Signal Jammer

- Jul 29, 2016-

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: HDT-950(EU)

  • Application: Optical Signal Transmission

  • Receiver Chip: Hdt

  • Jamming Target: Cell Phone; Wi-Fi Devices; GPS Devices

  • Power Supply: AC 110/220V

  • Power Input: AC 110/220V

  • Weight: 2.9kg

  • Color: Black

  • Trademark: HDT Jammer

  • Origin: China, Shenzhen

  • Type: 850MHz~6000MHz

  • Modulation: Vco

  • Oscillator Circuit: PLL Frequency Synthesis

  • Jamming Range: 5~25 Meters

  • Charger: None

  • Size: 36*5*10cm

  • Transmission Power: 20watt

  • Jamming Frequencies: 850-2665MHz

  • Specification: CE

High Power Desktop Cell Phone Signal Jammer


NameHigh Power Desktop Signal Jammer
TypeIndoor Jammer

HDT-950 is a High Power Indoor Cell Phone signal jammer, implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology to prevent the leak of confidential information or unwanted usage of cell phones, Wi-Fi devices and GPS devices (optional).
HDT-950 has 8 sets of jamming signal generators inside, which can transmit highly effective jamming signals targeting all cell phone and Wi-Fi devices within the blocking range. Once you turn the jammer on, with the help of its high-gain omni-directional antennas, 950 can jam continuously and simultaneously, all the RF communication Frequencies 860MHz~2665MHz which are most commonly used by cell phones and Wi-Fi devices. Adopting the latest jamming technologies, HDT-950 jammer features ultra-high RF transmission power, making a stable shielding range around.

Once the system is activated, it transmits unique noise signal which creates "Firewall" between the transmitter and its receiver (cell phone and Wi-Fi device).
Besides, HDT-950 can prevent the leak of confidential information leak via cell phones or unwanted GPS location leak.


  8 High Power jamming signal generators inside.
  High Gains Omni-directional Antennas.
  Can also choose directional Antennas.
  Lightweight trolley-like design, easy to carry and move.
  Can block six frequency bands continuously and simultaneously.
  With internal battery, recharged by DC charger or car charger.
  VSWR and temperature self-protection technology.
  Separate switch for each band with LED Light.
  Inside cooling fans.
  Can work 24 hours * 7 days * 12 month.



  To prevent unwanted usage of cell phone
  To prevent the leak of confidential information
  To prevent the leak of GPS location
  To prevent the remote-control cell phone bomb

  Bomb disposal and vehicle mounting for military complexes.
  Filed Operation activity
  Special Police Authorities
  VIP convoy for security purpose
  Riot control operation

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